Bad web programming technique.

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code-stickersASP.Net and JSP are two wonderful enviroment to create web application, application that are easy to modify and adapt to all requirements, but the major problems of ASP.Net and JSP is that they are not cheap and slow, in fact there are not many hosting provider that are offering hosting service for this technologies at a affordable price (for a common user ).

Therefore  other affordable technology like PHP are commonly wide used by most common users. In comparison with Java  or C#,  PHP language is pretty simple and doesn’t relay on so much formalism and doesn’t need a lot of knowledge about programming, allowing users to create application without knowing much think about programming technique.

The side effect is that the applications developed in this way are extremely hard to debug and even more harder to extend from a very wide variety of factors, some I will discuss later in this paper.

  1. The first think to speak about  is the “spaghetti code” where the entire application logic (code) is meshed up in same file, you know what I am talking about: a lot of  if/else/for/while and functions with no logic organization.  To extend such crap application wrote by some other programmers is quite hard and unproductive.
  2. Since version 4 PHP offers OOP(object orientated programming) but it seams that most of users doesn’t know how to use it right, how to increase their productivity using OOP programming technique and software engineering technique .It seams that web programmers are still writing code like in the stone age.
  3. Another problem, the biggest one is that users are creating applications dependent on design. The design of a web site is changing frequently that means restructuring the code again and again and again.

The list is still open. I will continue to add more and more bad programming technique.

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  • Gaspy says:

    I do really think that “spaghetti code” is mostly used by unexperienced programers. Better said, home based programers are into this category. When a programer work into a company, developing applications, things changes. No one accept his style of developing aplications 🙂

  • admin says:

    You will be surprised to see people that are working for 5-6 years and still writing spaghetti code.

  • Gaspy says:

    Well, I’ll be surprised indeed. When you meet one, send him to me .Always a pleasure to meet people with a style of programming as mine 😀

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