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I love working with iframe content loading… noo no way, I actually hate it, but there are situations when loading the content inside the iframe is the only viable technical solution. I am sure you have use it before and maybe you have asked yourself how to add something like a loding animation while the frame is loading. I will provide a example but today I am fling lazy so I will use jQuery, the code should be something like:

var ContentLoader = function() {
	function load(url, onContentLoaded) {
		$($('#content')).append('<iframe id="myBelovedIframe" frameborder="0" width="500" height="50"></iframe>');
		$('iframe#myBelovedIframe').attr('src', url);
		// On iframe content load
		$('iframe#myBelovedIframe').load(function() {
c = new ContentLoader();
c.load("http://andreitara.com", function() {
	// TODO Add any code that has to be executed after the frame is loaded

This is how the script should look like, and the HTML could be something like:

<div id="content" class='loading'></div>

of course you will need also some CSS for the loading animation like:


Your parents should be so proud of you, you first iframe with loading animation :), now you can celebrate.

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