First download program from here: aQua the remote desktop program
I will start with my first project that is still on beta release but I hope I will allocate some time to finis it. This project actually is a remote desktop connection application that is allowing to user to remotely connect and control other computer all the code is wrote in C# and is requiring at least .Net 2.0 Framework to run proper. The project contains two application one is running on controlled computer (or slave computer) side (Agent.exe) and the other one is running on controlling computer (or master) (aQua.exe).

Allows remote desktop connection with remote mouse and keyboard control
Encryption of traffic
Support for wake on LAN using magic packet.

Now lets just take a brief look at how the application works. I will show all the steps to use it.

1. Go in computer witch you want to control and start the agent application

Agent- remote desktop

Agent- remote desktop

If you can see the little icon on the right bottom corner of the screen it means that the application is started.
2.Now just go on any other computer and start the aQua application.

aQua remode desktop connection

aQua remote desktop connection

3.Enter the IP of the remote computer and click connect after that if all is OK o you’re screen it should appear something like that.

[4] You can start a computer using WOL entering it’s mac adress,… it works just on lan.

remote wake o lan

remote wake on lan